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Building semi-permanent walls


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I have an option to build semi permanent walls at a private range.  Meaning I dont have to remove the walls from the bays after a match.  I need the walls to be movable by one person, but also prefer to not have to stake them down.  


Current walls are built out of metal square tubing and require two people to move around.  Im envisioning some sort of design where the bases are stable enough to not require staking, which also makes them heavy, and then mount casters to one end of the wall somehow so it can be moved around.  Single walls that would not be a problem, but when joining walls together to create various configurations the wheels and the fact that all the walls are attached to their own base might be a problem.  


I have access to a welding machine and a budget to pretty much do whatever I want.  I am just having trouble coming up with a design that will function well and allow one person to move everything around.  Google has not been any help thus far.   In one bay we plan to build a permanent shoot house type structure.  

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On 4/12/2019 at 5:44 PM, broadside72 said:

small rubber dolly/wagon wheels on each end with a basic pin and clevis so you can pull them along like a train? unhook once in the bay and position a needed.

I can leave the walls in the bay all the time.  Just looking for a wall design that easily allows one person to move the walls around in the bay to setup stages.  Unused walls would likely be stacked at the front of the bays.  


I ordered some off road casters and once I got them in I dont see a good way to design a wall with wheels that would work very well.  


On 4/14/2019 at 9:48 AM, scroadkill said:

imo 2x4's with the heavier snow fence and stables for the main walls.. anchor together with the star head type of deck screws.. which makes disassembly easy.
I use scrap pieces of 1x6 to reinforce the corners.



Like these?



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