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  1. Barney up whenever you can. Have at least 5 mags, preferably 6. Get your hits on steel. You may find it optimal on some stages to engage parts of nearby arrays to maximize ammo use in a mag and then finish up that other array after you move/reload. And welcome to the boomer club
  2. Affiliation with USPSA requires that the club follow USPSA rules. 3.3 requires club to follow USPSA rules unless they have written exemption 2.5.1 includes "or outside the portion of the range allocated to the USPSA match" so it seems that while specific to the loading/unloading station relating to the cold range principle, I feel this sets a precedent that the "range" for USPSA rule purposes is limited to space allocated to the match. Outside that space, if not explicitly outlined in the rules such as PCC and vehicles, local site rules apply. Inside that space however, USPSA only rules apply for consistency for shooters I do think "range" should be in the glossary to help avoid the issues being raised here.
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    With or without permission from the match officials and with or without an RO present? Function fire and testing in and of itself is not a DQ. Doing it without permission is.
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    Two issues being discussed here. 1) When you are DQ'd relative to competing in another division 2) When you are DQ'd relative to the end of the match If you complete the match in one division and then change to another division and are DQ'd while "in that division" then the previous results stand and the current division is a match DQ. So if you shoot Limited first (e.g. Saturday squad) and plan to shoot CO next (e.g. Sunday squad) then if you DQ at the safe table with the Limited gun your Limited scores are gone and I don't think you can shoot the CO division as you are out of the match. If you DQ at all with the CO gun, then you are DQ'd from the match but the Limited scores stand as you are 100% done with the Limited division. For Steel Challenge matches where you often shoot multiple divisions at the same time, then a match DQ is a match DQ and both entries go away. If the match results are declared final and thus the match is over, then your scores stand and its just up to the range officials for the range itself (not the match officials, though often the same) to decide what happens to you if you do something unsafe, but your scores stand
  5. easy to lose and harder to put back if you have fat fingers and no smaller pliers/tweezers handy
  6. I have been told that unless the MD/RM is actually running the shooter as RO/ARO/CRO, it's bad form to make calls from the peanut gallery. Part of that discussion was that the RM is responsible for range safety but outside the actual shooting aspect during the CoF, things like safe areas, eyes/ears, gun handling at berms, etc. then they deal with whatever the RO/ARO/CRO raise Honestly I am still trying to assess that POV
  7. It may have been designed primarily for production but there are many being used in Limited or even built for Open. Those guys like their hammer back starts
  8. Isn't this is a simple case of the laws of physics and the blowback design of most pistols? The less powerful force of the lower powder charge for heavier bullets (for same PF) means that the bullet is moving slower and the case has less rearward force/speed on the breech face so the slide moves slower, thus the "push" vs the "snap" feeling. That pesky equal and opposite force thing....
  9. Clearance the trigger guard or the trigger itself? Got pics? I just put the CGW trigger back in and have it adjusted nicely right now.
  10. I installed their package on my P10-F OR and took the trigger back out for the OEM. I kept getting pinched between the trigger and the trigger guard. Rest of the kit is installed though
  11. Either let it stand as a stage win, or create a second match with just the retries as entries and upload that match separately. Either way USPSA gets their money and the classifiers attempts all get counted
  12. 25 minutes to my home range. The other two I mainly go to are 1.5 and 2 hours away. Gotta do whatcha gotta do
  13. Here you go https://uspsa.org/viewer/2021-USPSA-Competition-Rules-March-2021.pdf All the PCC rules lined out just as "clearly" as pistol rules are.
  14. I suppose it depends on one's interpretation of "manipulating" is when you look at the definition of "Handling" in the glossary as what the competitor here did was not casing/uncasing his PCC as that had already occurred so that exception does not apply here Could he have won arbitration? Possibly
  15. Then you are fired. Rules are rules and are meant to be enforced equally for everyone. What happens when you let your local shooter slide on this over and over and then they spend a crap load of time, money, PTO, etc going to PCC Nats only to get DQ'd first stage for doing it because you let them get away with it and it became second nature to them to just do it? Sure it is their fault for not knowing the rules, but you sure didn't help them any,
  16. This goes against the RO training however. In my range portion, Troy handed out cards with different scenarios for the shooter to perform for us to try to catch and assess any penalties. One was "foot outside the shooting box". We wanted to call procedurals for that but he showed us the WSB again and it did not make any comment about "from within the shooting area", so no penalty was to be applied in that case.
  17. But they were not running shooters right then, from the video it looks like the squad just came back from a reset. But that does not matter. CRO has oversight of the stage The PCC tables there were well marked. The rules are readily available. There is no defined time limit to make ready when given the command. There is no reason a PCC shooter can't uncase at the PCC table then step over to the safe table to finger bang his gun. The bay in this video has it's own safe table so he would not have had to go far to the table, or he could have just waited for the make ready command on the line. The issue is entirely what happened off screen after the case was unzipped and before the rifle was visible
  18. Its up to the MD/RM but if you are physically unable to perform weak side, then you should get no penalty and be allowed to shoot strong side only. I currently have a broken finger on my strong hand. I borrowed a lefty holster as I am unable to safety grip the gun with the right hand, let alone be able to draw and transfer to the left to shoot. I can just get a mag with my thumb and index finger so reloads are seated with my knee. Entire match was WHO and no penalty on the classifier as there was no advantage at all by not doing SHO at the required time.
  19. As for what times you need to move up in class, that is highly dependent on what stages you are shooting and how well you shoot each one since the combined times is what matters and all stages have equal weight. So you need to do better on all stages or really kick ass on some stages and keep the status quo on others to be able to move up
  20. SCSA classification is easy. From the SCSA site: Its just that the 2nd line is the best time you have ever shot a stage in the last 2 years, not just the latest match Unlike USPSA, there is no rolling window or anything like that. You get classified as soon as you have times on any four official stages. After those 4, its always your best time relative to the peak time
  21. There were cameras and mics on most stages, not all, but most. I am not sure what they actually broadcast but I know that my "regular" squad was on a few times as my friends were letting me know. Many of them were clamped to the EZups and we'd forget and stand in front of them or hang on the EZups probably making the camera shake (the wind at time probably didn't help with that either)
  22. This was my first nationals and honestly I was unimpressed. I have been to Level 2s and a lot of locals that have had more interesting stages. Luckily I didn't run into the restroom issue. I am an average B shooter but MD/RM and help run my local club so i understand that side of things as well but this is supposed to be one of the premier events for the organization and it felt cheap. Many stages were not fun for the major shooters. While legal they did ask a lot of those shooters where the 2 extra rounds were a big advantage to most shooters. Box to box stages are not fun but they do hammer you on planning and execution more than a course with a lot of movement. Things like popper order relative to the activator in the array to get best timing etc. I will say that my screwing around at locals with SHO and WHO helped me a bit this match. While generally placing in the low 100's of the rankings for most stages I was in top 50 for the SHO/WHO stages, which really surprised me. Part of my performance issue was my trip there after mechanical issues, having driven 12 hours with one hour of sleep to arrive at the range at 8am, killed me day 1. Days 2 and 3 I just shot in my normal sucky manner. I do need to get back to exercising and shooting more matches after this crappy year. I've dropped my performance too much. I didn't like that the matchbook changed so late the squadding matrix changed with it. Made the start pretty confusing since we couldn't get the new version to download at the range at that time due to a bad link in the email. We ended up starting at chrono with the new matrix and those guys were not on their game at all, it was the most awkward chrono stage i have ever been to. The CMP range itself is really nice. Being from CA, all the green was amazing except for the allergies to the new pollens, etc. Weather was great too. Stage staff was great for the most part. I'm not much for the theatrical score calling but whatever. They were all in a good mood and working hard so props to them. Paper backup part way through was a bit strange but i understand the need arising. Live streaming I didn't watch any of, but i had people reacting to my knee high Lasso Gear compression socks they saw me wearing. That was strange Live stream did catch my baller one handed on the move make up shot so that was cool I bailed on the awards after waiting 2 hours for it to start, standing outside with no food or beverages. I was not winning anything I deserved anyway. So I am torn about going to another nationals match. Maybe in a few years, I dunno
  23. i just shot LOCAP there and there was plenty of parking up top for zone3 but there were a lot of golf carts in use too. parking for zone 1/2 was tight around "shift change" but i didn't have any issues even in a crew cab truck. the walk to zone 1/2 from the lot is short so just park with everyone else and cross the little bridge as for airports, i can't help. just show up in time to watch that cmp video and get your card and bring the card everyday of the match
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