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Stoeger sets up 3 targets at 10/15/20 yards or further.

Load at least 8 rounds in the gun. At the beep, raise the gun and fire 2 pause slightly and repeat till the mags empty.

The pauses are so you can see the pairs in the string on the timer.

Stoeger wants you to practice this at your realistic match pace that gives 95 % A hits.

Reload with 8 and engage each of the next targets the same way. 

Once you get the hang of the drill start looking at what the sights are doing, experimenting with grip pressures and such.

The goal is 90-95% As and match pace splits at each distance. The focus is on the splits: the draw, target transitions, movement etc, are addressed in different drills.

Very useful drill.

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Start with a target at 5 yards and shoot pairs, pulling the trigger as fast as you can, with a .5 or longer pause between pairs, the length of the pause isn't important as long as you don't end up shooting bill drills. The ideal pattern is a 3 inch group at this distance. When you start pulling the trigger as fast as you can, problems will show up even at a short distance. I recommend taking slow motion video from each side and paying attention to movement in your hands, joints, and the muzzle. Look to see if the gun is moving inside your grip, does your support hand stay in contact with the trigger guard through the entire recoil cycle, is your whole body moving back slightly on each shot, are your wrists and elbows moving around, is the gun kicking up to one side, is there excessive wobble at the muzzle after the gun returns, do you have pre-ignition push?

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