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  1. I'm primarily interested in iron sight shooting. Especially on farther targets like 25-40 yards.
  2. Enough difference to matter? If not, and you use a G34-what led you to it? For example, you compete in CO, but use a G34...why not a G17, or for that matter a G19? But I'm primarily interested in the issue of sight radius.
  3. Stoeger sets up 3 targets at 10/15/20 yards or further. Load at least 8 rounds in the gun. At the beep, raise the gun and fire 2 pause slightly and repeat till the mags empty. The pauses are so you can see the pairs in the string on the timer. Stoeger wants you to practice this at your realistic match pace that gives 95 % A hits. Reload with 8 and engage each of the next targets the same way. Once you get the hang of the drill start looking at what the sights are doing, experimenting with grip pressures and such. The goal is 90-95% As and match pace splits at each distance. The focus is on the splits: the draw, target transitions, movement etc, are addressed in different drills. Very useful drill.
  4. I know 30 rounders are available and as relatively affordable as any others. One appeal it has to me is that I'm a lefty, and it is very friendly in that regard.
  5. How does the Storm fare in PCC? It seems like a relatively turnkey solution, at a good price point. Does it have notable shortcomings?
  6. What about the Beretta Storm? Been looking for an excuse to get one!
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Here are some terms to Google: Contextual Interference Variability of Practice Knowledge of Results Structure of Variable Practice Serial Practice Blocked Practice Random practice Dr. Richard Schmidt Schema Theory
  8. How about a tune-able recoil enhancer,especially in guns where the weight/trigger are so close(1911/SVI). Kind of an upside down comp,with reversed ports?Maybe something like a Browning B.O.S.S. You just twist that sucker 'till your .22 is making major.
  9. hugh

    coupon codes

    Hey y'all, anyone have a discount coupon code for Manny's airsoft Glocks? Dropping the striker on one tonight> Thanks, Hugh
  10. I learned the meaning of fear in an outhouse... Standing there,watering the hole and reviewing my plans for world domination,when I look down. Rising from the depths,circling the stream,were Yellow Jackets.My outie instantly became an innie as I fled without honor,dignity or zipping up.
  11. hugh

    wife for sale

    Why get married? Just find a woman you hate and buy her a house...
  12. hugh


    I use a Glock,slide does not lock back. I would think that the recoil cycle would be over before you released the trigger,thereby protecting the sear. Jake,I differentiate between flinch and post ignition push by paying attention to front sight dip...trigger jerk/anticipation tends to cause the front sight to dip out of alignment. P.I.P. otoh,tends to keep sight alignment while moving the gun as a unit
  13. hugh

    Marine humor

    Buy'em books,send'em to school...and all they wanna do is kill
  14. hugh


    Typically,I'll introduce a variation (draw,par,range etc.)after each set.I find this keeps my attention level where it needs to be,i.e.,I'm not shooting on autopilot.
  15. I find this to be a useful drill: Load a mag with five rounds,charge your pistol and remove the mag. I normally do this drill at 25 on an USPSA target Off the clock,raise and fire your gun,watching the sight lift Reset the trigger and dryfire as soon as you can see proper alignment Lather,rinse, repeat What I see on the "Snap" includes:Poor trigger control,flinching/anticipation,unnecessary tension and inputs on grip pressure,and visual impatience. All are masked by the shot cycle and minimized during regular dryfire.The first live round acts to keep you honest about shot calls,and your nervous system expects a second"Bang". I'll do five reps and tape the target. Variations Add the draw and see grip inconsistencies recorded on the first shot Go on the clock.I'll set known pars for the first shot(i.e.,1.75 at 25)and shoot that pace.This distracts the mind on the Snap. Move into a shooting position and see how consistent your position is-recorded on paper and observed on the Snap HTH, Hugh
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