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How High to Place Scaled Targets for Dry Fire


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After a few half-ass attempts, I've finally decided to get serious about a dry fire routine. I bought the dry fire books, made spread sheets to track my progress and then never kept up with it. Now, I realize I have to get serious about dry fire if I want to progress.


The room I have to practice can handle up to 7 1/2 yds with full size targets that I placed at 5 feet high at the shoulders. I can handle up to 15 yds with 1/2 scale targets and 25 yds with 1/3 scale targets, but my question is how high do I place the scaled targets - clearly not 5 ft high at the shoulder.  How high up should I place 1/2 and 1/3 targets to simulate distances?  Also, should the width between targets change for the scaled targets as well?


Thanks, I appreciate any insights.

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I try to place the center of the lower A zone at the same height no matter the distance or the size of the target.  I do try to scale the spacing between the targets.   If the WSB has the spacing at one yard (2 times the width of a full size metric target) then I space the 1/2 size targets also two target widths apart.


Along with some homemade 1/3 and 1/2 scale targets for dryfire, I like to use 2/3 scale airsoft targets for some of my live fire practice.

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For me to strictly keep it in scale, I keep all spacing and distances in the following:

1/2 scale targets - 1 1/2’ = 1 yard

1/3 scale targets - 1’ = 1 yard

1/6 targets - 1/2’ = 1 yard



For height,  I put my all my scale targets (no matter what scale) the same way it calls for on regular size targets I.e, setting classifiers.



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