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Classifications for Shadow 2 and Tactical orange ?


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If shooting 3 gun if I'm shooting tactical ops will there be any difference?   What about in a standard uspsa pistol match?  I'm just getting back into things and am trying to figure some things out.  I'm more concerned about the 3 gun classifications as for the pistol matches I'd probably shoot revolver..



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Both guns are fine for Tac Optics and would be good choices. For USPSA, the TSO would be for limited or limited 10. The s2 is most commonly seen in production, but you could use it in lim/lim10 if you wanted to. 

Cheers, Kevin

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If you really want to use the same pistol for both, you'd be better off with the S2. 9mm is an advantage in tac ops and production. The TSO in 9 will be great for 3 Gun but a disadvantage in limited. In .40 it would be great for limited but a disadvantage in 3g. 

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