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What about Radial Tunnel Syndrome? Any experience???


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After reading @Foxj66's thread on his issues with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, I figured I'd see if anyone has battled Radial Tunnel Syndrome?


I had bayonet release surgery for lateral epicondylitis back in August after 2 years of no success solving it with rehab or medication.  I came out of that with Radial Tunnel Syndrome, which is basically a shortening/knotting of the supinator and brachial radialus muscles that constrict and compress the radial nerve.  The symptoms are weakness in the extensors, pain and weakness gripping stuff at extension, and essentially what I would describe as almost "shin splints" of my forearm.... basically everything you don't want for shooting a handgun.  I am not certain as to whether I had this along with the other dysfunction in my elbow or if it developed as a result of the trauma of the surgery.


I am currently treating with a lot of stretching, rehab exercises, massage, cold and heat.  It is generally fine for day to day life, but the least bit of pistol shooting seems to cause those muscles to knot back up and press on the nerve...  


The good news is that it seems to have a pretty decent prognosis with rehab.  The bad news is that if rehab doesn't work,  the surgery to correct it seems to be fairly invasive and have a less than sterling track record of success... 


Has anyone here dealt with this particular malady?

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