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  1. I like the safariland hanger a lot... wish I liked their holsters as much.
  2. If you've been shooting for 20 years, it's just another gun. Same fundamentals apply.
  3. I'd find a NOS or preloved Trojan. There's a 9mm for a steal of a deal on the classifieds right now.
  4. shipping has gotten ridiculous on everything.
  5. I do not think they made weight without some help, but that is neither here nor there..
  6. More opinions from page 1 of the glock sub forum...
  7. I use the glockstore variant on my gen 5 17's.
  8. this was my thought as well.
  9. You will probably still want the dawson base pads. 47d's and ETM's both set fairly flush to an ICE magwell. They will be much easier to seat with a dawson pad, but technically, they will work without the pad. The Dawson IPSC magwell is shorter than the ICE, cheaper, and fancy base plates are optional.
  10. Make sure you are going to a good box with good coaches, first and foremost. Like shooting, golf, tennis, BJJ, whatever... all coaches are not the same. I wouldn't plan on doing 3 days a week plus additional workouts at your local globo gym. Go slow, go lighter than you think you need to, check your ego, and get after it.
  11. I hope Talledega earns the opportunity for more national level matches after IDPA worlds and Single Stack nats next year...
  12. That was the point that he's trying to make. That doesnt accomplish what he is looking to accomplish.
  13. I have a few cases of the Syntech 115 from the huge rebate thing that Federal did a couple years back.. That stuff is fairly spicy.
  14. I've pretty much got to the point where outside of specific trigger control dry fire drills , i am only prepping the trigger to the wall in my dry fire. I am not doing multi shot drills.
  15. That's like $14 worth of brass... don't get in too much trouble.
  16. The Racer X I have is the smoothest drawing holster I have ever had. I never liked a race holster until that one.
  17. A snap cap wouldn’t keep it out of battery to let the trigger actuate. I believe he’s saying he uses it as an alternative to the cardboard in the breech face method
  18. I am not a binge watch kinda guy, but i binge watched it. Loved it.
  19. My experience with Cheelys has been that it's a drop in part on a STI frame as well...
  20. I would think a Safariland 5197/5198 would fit. I had a safariland designed for a STI Edge and was able to confidently use it with an eagle and 1911's as well. You might still have to adjust the tightness, but would work for both better than a RHT double layer holster. Your best bet is to get two guns with the same profile.
  21. They’re labeled M. Not sure if true medium or something different. My Glock mags are fine with them. They were sent to me by the manufacturer
  22. Good info. Im in the same boat with the TTI guide rods. Definitely need something lighter. Does anyone stock these or do you have to order direct from wolff?
  23. 40cal mags are likely going to have a spacer welded into the back which will keep a 1.18 oal round from fitting the mag. I cannot speak to the sig mags specifically, but in general that is the case. They are designed for factory length 40 rounds.
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