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MBX Mega Mag Spring Issues

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How many matches does everyone get out of their Mega springs?  I've had good luck loading to 55rd but if I go to 58 it seems like they only last a few months.  This observation has been totally non scientific though.  Going forward I will keep better notes.  

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The trick is to run those high cap mags at no more more than 80% capacity in normal use.......if you continue to stuff them full, the spring will wear out.....buy extra springs.

If you are running uspsa matches......you should never have to run over 40 rounds. But I am sure you are one of the guys that runs a match every weekend where there are 45 round stages.....yep.....I see spare spring in your bag. Fact of life, no matter whose extension you run, the springs eventually wear out. To that end.......I was never happy with the springs we had for the TACCOM extensions.......HOWEVER, we've now got a new vendor (for the past few months) and the new springs we have ROCK!!! But even our old springs.......I'd get at least a half year out of them if I treated them like the guys treat their open gun mags......only loading full when I have to.


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19 hours ago, joelogic said:

Thanks for the info.  I'll try out the 80% capacity.    

remember though.......doing that now on worn out spring may not help any. You could try stretching it and it may work for a while, but buy new springs.

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I download by 1 on my TF and my ETS mags but there just 40  rounds if that matters I also download my MBX from 47 to 45 but they all run flawlessly. PS I think in your post you said 58 rounds I believe they are meant to max at 57 maybe you compressed the spring ?

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