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Odd 2nd round feed problem

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Over the last 6 matches I've been experiencing an odd situation. When I LAMR I start by locking my bolt open, inserting the mag and then dropping the bolt to load the pcc.

When the buzzer goes off, I flip the safety off and fire my first shot. This is where it gets wierd, every stage I start after the first shot I have to rack the slide as the next round fails to go bang. Once I do that the gun runs like a champ. Does not matter which mag I'm using, it happens every stage.

I have tried downloading the mags thinking it might be part of the problem. Does not change the issue. Cleaned the gun within an inch of its life and still persists at matches.

After the last deep cleaning and lubing I went to the range and the issue did NOT happen but I was just loading mags and standing and shooting. Went to the next match, same issue came back.

Was talking to a buddy and he thought it might be an over insertion issue. I thought if the glock mags were worn where the mag catch engages the mag that might cause the mag to seat too deep and cause this issue.

I am posting a video of a mag in the lower and showing how much it moves.

Looking to get the gun back to a reliable state.


Also changed or firing pins and fp springs. Same issue still happens.


Looking for things to examine to see what I can do to fix this issue.http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5c50a88abaacb/20190129_142229.mp46c9f9d0766431daf6ed9d95427cb3b21.jpg6306abc0328cbe1a20b295f9c19c3778.jpgd870b600537547859024e44b29d3ec68.jpg232df79f093d6940eeb40fe195c583e5.jpg


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41 minutes ago, The Donald said:

I had the same problem, try one of these it fixed it for me



I am up to trying this BUT, this problem just started happening. The gun has run fine for almost a full year.

I am thinking something has gotten out of spec on the lower or with the bolt. Maybe the ejector is TOO high? bent slighly? 


Oh, one more thing I just remembered. I have a back up PSA PCC that is exhibiting the same issues. That is what is making me think something is up with the MAGS.


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Can you empty the mag by hand? Does the 2nd round ejected nose dive when stripping rounds by hand? 
Mags empty by hand fine. No rounds nose dive when ejecting by hand.
The second round appears to load fine in the gun. It just fails to go bang.
Almost like a high primer except for the fact that it happens consistently regardless of brass headstamp. Inspection of the unfired round shows a fp hit just no bang.

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