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  1. I know about the tacticool page. thanks for the link again. I do not over swing with the mpx only the 15-22. It is truly a muscle memory thing. My body is so used to the MPX and the weight that the lighter 15-22 just moves differently and that is why I am looking to change the overall weight of the gun
  2. The way that the hand-guard attaches to a 15-22 is not exactly the same as a standard AR. One of the solutions I was thinking of doing was getting lead strips and putting them between the barrel and hand-guard and some lead shot into the base of the pistol grip. My Sig weighs in around 6+ pounds and the 15-22 is around 4. So I am looking to add about 1.5 to 2 pounds to the gun.
  3. I am looking to add a couple of pounds to the gun. I am hoping to get to a weight closer to my Sig
  4. I know this sound counter intuitive to what everyone else says. Reason I am saying this is because I shoot a SIG Mpx PCC that is obviously much heavier than the 15-22. I shoot the Mpx in USPSA and am very comfortable with shooting it and with the weight and how I index the gun. I find myself moving the 15-22 too much and having to come back on the plates and hence I am slower with the 15-22 over the Mpx when shoot SC. I am currently using the stock plastic hand-guard on my 15-22 along with a stock buttstock. I shoot a Hiperfire 24c and a burris ff3 optic. What I am wanting to do is to INCREASE the weight of the 15-22 to get it closer to the mpx weight. Problem is, I am not sure how best to do that. Should I add weight to the inside of the hand-guard? to the buffer tube, maybe in the pistol grip? All 3? I am interested in reading the responses. thanks Mark
  5. YES I do know that. Obviously a moment of brain farting. Thanks for pointing that out and making me look like an.... well whatever. LOL
  6. I use UM Tactical. They can be mounted in a variety of configurations. here is a link for them https://www.umtactical.com/store/p111/MPX_MAG_POUCH_%2F%2F_PCC.html smooth pulls and great retention. Price is great as well. They ship farily fast as well.
  7. I shot one for over a year. Overall it was a great gun. I changed out the trigger to a Hiperfire right away. the MIL SPEC sucks I changed out the buffer system to a blitzkrieg hydraulic and a flat spring 308. I loved it till I also bought a PSA AR9. I was having issues with the PSA ejector was not working right. I moved my DB9 bolt over to the psa and fubared it up as well. I had to order a new bolt and ejector from Diamond back. They sent them out under warranty. I moved the PSA bolt over to the DB9 (not compatible) I bent the ejector in both guns. Replaced the DB9 bolt and ejector and it ran like a top. I sold it for a sig MPX. If you are looking to get an AR9 and don't mind spending some more cash to change out and try out buffer and spring combos to find what works best for you, it is a great gun. I was new to pcc when I bought it and almost made A class in USPSA with it. Only other thing I had happen was I broke the firing pin spring. easy fix. There is NOT a magwell for the gun. the opening is slightly flared and if you practice you can get quick with the reloads. I had a buddy who was shooting a JP with a magwell on his, say I did the fastest mag change he had ever seen for someone with out a magwell.
  8. Link to the part please Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  9. where did you order these parts from?
  10. could you take some measurements of that o-ring? I have had a few failure to eject cases and I would like to try the o-ring to see if that helps. Not sure where I would buy that small an o-ring but at least having the measurements would help start me in the right direction. I wonder if SIG would sell them? hmmmm
  11. I get that. I was more wondering if .001 diameter difference in the grand scheme of things is really worth the effort. I know a lot of guys who are running blazer 115 factory plated and love it. I like to reload and like the blue bullets. I also like to not be at the whim of a ammo manufacturer if they decide to change the load or weight or anything else with their rounds and now I have an issue.
  12. I have been loading 124 grn 9mm .355 blue bullets for my SIG mpx. I have a fellow shooter says to go to a .356 diameter bullet as the sig barrel would like it better. Can anyone comment on this? is .001 really going to make that big a difference in shooting / recoil / cycling the weapon?
  13. I carry their parts kit. Can't afford to get another MPX setup like what my main is setup now. PLUS, don't like sleeping with the dog.
  14. Robin Taylor specifically states that the longest OAL is 1.125 for any of the basepads to work properly. I have had luck going out to 1.13. If the blazer is longer than that you will have feed issues.
  15. I have no problem with informing a shooter about a part failure. I would have refrained from stating until you had completely finished the proper range commands and made the range safe. Anything the shooter does after that is 100% on them. They draw their weapon or sweep themselves then they have to face the consequences of improper actions. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  16. FOR ME, it was not so much that the safety was not well-functioning, it was more a fact that as I engaged the safety my thumb would come off the lever as I was shouldering the weapon and assume a proper grip and I had not put enough pressure on the lever to fully move it past the detent pin. Going to a shorter throw lever allowed me to get past the detent and fully put the safety into the fire position.
  17. I had the Radian on my blowback pcc using a Hiperfire 24-3g and a 24c trigger. never had any issues. I am shooting a SIG Mpx now with a 90 degree ambi safety. the reason I went to a 45 degree safety was that coming off the belt, several times I had not fully gotten the safety to the fire position. Once I changed over that went away. So far, on the MPX I have only had it happen 2x. In USPSA, that time lost re-engaging the safety can be the difference between a top 10 finish or not. I will most likely be moving over to the radian on my MPX as soon as I can get more cash together.
  18. I give a 3rd thumbs up to UM tactical Glock Big Stick mag pouches. Never failed me. I like them so much that when i converted over to a SIG MPX I bought their pouches again for the SIG magazines. They work equally as well.
  19. i use UM Tactical pouches. used their product when I was shooting glock pcc as well. Great product, cheaper than Safariland and just as adjustable for positioning.
  20. I have the 12.25" Isler carbon fiber hand guard. on my Gen 2 MPX it fits perfectly
  21. Well I decided to cry once and buy once. I'm getting an isler 12.25" c.f. guard from the shooter I bought the mpx. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  22. I don't have the rule book in front out me. That being said, you can go to the uspsa website and look up the rule for the class you shoot (production, limited, open) and you will see how long your mags can be and still be legal. If you're shooting production, you are limited to 10 rounds per mag regardless. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
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