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2011 mag catch recommendations


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Hello shooters. So in an effort to relieve the left side of I'm mag catch to clear certain magazines I got overzealous and went beyond where I should have to stop the mag catch from going outside of the grip at rest. Does anyone have recommendations on the type and brand of my catch they would use for replacement on a standard 2011 plastic grip .38 Super pistol? Thanks in advance.

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Tganks for responding.Yes that looks like a good choice. The OD Rim that keeps the mag hatch from pushing through the grip is partially removed on the Dawson which is what led to my initial problem when I modified the original part in the he same way to clear magazines better when dropping out. I think my mag catch grip hole has started to wear out.  I put some heat to it and tapped it back with a nylon Mallet to try and return it to round. Seems to be holding now but I don't quite trust it.

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