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Best CZ Shadow2 setup for IPSC Production (2019)


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Hi, I know there are a lot of discussions here and there, and it seems like after some pages there is a lot of mess.


I'd like to discuss about the various best setups for a Cz Shadow2. Consider you can spend as much as you want (FOR THE GUN ONLY) but you must respect IPSC Production rules.


So, the goal will be :


-Lightest trigger pull possible, both in DA and SA

-It must work with average primers, no need of Federal primers

-(optional) Easy double tap within 15 yards ~ (good recoil spring / power factor combinations).

-good grip

Also, which parts would you change from time to time to ensure the gun works at his best? Like -> new recoil spring every 5000 rounds, new hammer spring every 3000 rounds.

List of parts and things which can affect it (I'll edit in case there's something else to consider)

hammer spring (different manifacturers and lb's)
sear spring (does it change anything?)
trigger spring (light, medium, hard)
polishing job (where and how?)

lighter firing pin spring



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I've tried an 11lb hammer spring (with lighter FPS and 11lb recoil spring) and I'm getting an average of 7.5lbs DA which is still too heavy (I have small hands and a wrist issue)

Be advised that polishing is illegal in IPSC, other than removing burrs or relieving metal specifically for the purpose of installing OFM parts (well now not only OFM since Jan 1 lol) But actual 'polishing to mirror shine' type polishing? Nope. We haven't gone full USPSA quite yet lol



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