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S&W 686-3 Manufacture Date?


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Can someone tell me the manufacture date for my S&W 686-3?  I did an internet search for this information and couldn't find any specifics so I hope someone here with a reasonably recent "Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson" can help.  I would ask on an S&W forum but the one I found is "not secure" and, having had my computer hacked a while ago, I avoid those.   


I have a S&W 686-3 purchased in January 1993, serial number BJC7XXX.  I believe it was made just before the 686-4 revision was introduced in 1993 since it came with a Hoque rubber grip but that wasn't made standard until the 686-4 was introduced.  Mine was not drilled and tapped and has the old style rear sight .


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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Hi! I just bought an almost like new s&w 686-3 , 6 inch barrel,which came with aftermarket hogue grips, and also with the original wood grips, which I re-installed right away. I know this particular variant (686-3) was produced between 1988 and 1993. Since mine came with front and rear adjustable sights, it must have been manufactured between 1988-1992. As I have read, by 1993 the adjustable sights were no longer available (at least front and rear at the same time)after1992. I would like to know when was this gun manufactured and or delivered. The serial no is BPD40XX. Any help will be appreciated. 

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