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New member!! Huntsville alabama area


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Just making my first post...hoping to learn alot from the group!! Just got a shadow 2 I'm going to convert for CO... Any suggestions? DPP will be used 


Thanks everyone!! 

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Do some reading on that gun before you make any permanent changes. Gun is over weight for USPSA CO. Limit is 45 oz including optic and magazine.
There are some threads on what it will take. A bit more involved than slapping on an optic.

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Thanks for the reply!! I've read into the rules for carry Optics for this year but I was just looking for personal opinions from people who had the slide lightened or other routes to lighten the gun up because the DeltaPoint Pro is one of the heavier Optics I've read. I thought I had seen some pictures where the gun didn't have the window cut on top but still made weight

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