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  1. I've ran an 11lb in my S2 for several thousand rounds. No problems with OEM ammo or handloads around 130PF. My buddy Ethan H. #6 on the Carry Optics USPSA charts shoots an sp-01 Tactical(a little shorter) used an 11lb spring with no issues and recommended that for the S2 as well.
  2. I've been using an 11lb recoil spring for 3k-ish rounds in my S2 and it seems to be the sweet spot for me with 128-30pf loads 135gr. Also what I've heard from fellow CZ carry optics shooters.
  3. I purchased my guide rods from Carver Custom for my 5in 2.0... Reasonable price with a few different spring weights.
  4. I help setup and run a local match in north AL and we have ot of first time pistol shooters that migrate to rimfire rifle/pcc because it's a little easier and satisfying to some but it's always about what's fun for you!!
  5. Thanks for the reply!! I've read into the rules for carry Optics for this year but I was just looking for personal opinions from people who had the slide lightened or other routes to lighten the gun up because the DeltaPoint Pro is one of the heavier Optics I've read. I thought I had seen some pictures where the gun didn't have the window cut on top but still made weight
  6. Just making my first post...hoping to learn alot from the group!! Just got a shadow 2 I'm going to convert for CO... Any suggestions? DPP will be used Thanks everyone!!
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