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G20 Barrel Search.. Help Please?


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Guys, I’m stuck.   The cost of ammo is grinding on me a bit, even though I’m only .40 (KKM barrel).  But that’s still at least 33% higher than 9mm.  Worse, I’ve learned that I don’t shoot well (maybe ever) when I’m switching back and forth between guns, so I’m starting to shy away from my Smith and Sig.  I’ve also found red dots solve my old eyes problem.  For now I’m thinking I want to move to one decent gun I can IWB carry, take into the woods, shoot bowling pins with, and practice cost effectively.   All of which means I need one gun that can:

     Take 10MM FMJ as a woods gun

     Take .40SW flat nose or hollow point as a pin gun

     Take 127gr HDP for self defense

     Take white box/S&B, what have you 9mm for range trigger time.


Easy enough once upon a time, but I’d been loath to have my slide cut.  Now that I’ve given up hoping to find a large frame aftermarket slide I’ve found I can’t find a 9MM barrel for my G20 anymore.


Any suggestions on finding a 9mm barrel for a G20? 


Or maybe even a a polymer 10MM that’s a bit closer to the G23 in size?


Thanks for any ideas!!



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Lone wolf used to make a G20  10mm to 9mm but I believe they discontinued a few years back 

 converting to 9mm was from my research problematical but could be done with an 11 lbs spring and barrel the 10mm mags “mostly” worked 

 not sure if a different top end would work but at that point you would be at the price of a 17/19 new in the box. 

 Reloading   would help with the ammo cost  

but none of these answers are cheap FWIW I can reload 9,10 and .40  for about the same price of 11-15 cents a round for range ammo.

 Maybe a .22 conversion for plinking but I am not sure if they make one for a large frame.  


Maybe a police turn in for the 22 or 23 for an economical 9/40 option you could throw a dot on. 

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   a Dillon would be fun, but nobody seems to keep them....  :)



  Discontinued - Yep, that's the problem.

  I could even put a 9mm barrel in my G24.  But I really want to start practicing with one gun.  Particularly if I'm going to have to change lots on it.



I suppose I was hoping somebody would say: 

      "Why, don't you know Barsto still makes them?"  (they don't either)

                 Or even:

      " I hate changing barrels, so I'm selling mine!  Want to buy it?"  (yes, I do!)


Meh.  Time to call Springfield and learn about their 10MM XDM.  I wonder if anybody cuts slides on one...?  Hm...


Thanks guys!







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