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16 minutes ago, scroadkill said:

well.. seems the brain farts come in 3s.. but my FTEs have faded away with:

I put the cameras aways and told my buddies dont ask me to video them
resist tweeking my plan as I get close to in the hole
no chit chat once i'm the hole - just relax,  and start to visualize each target
more visualization and eyes-closed rehearsal while on deck followed by and a quick walk though while the squad is pasting seeing every target
on make ready air gun every target in order from the start box

ill still have small issues from time to time but I'm adapting and getting back on plan much smoother.

Yep, it never ceases to amaze me to see newish shooters show up with a gun better suited for carry and mags in pockets but they have a camera on their hat and a buddy videoing them. AND they usually have perfected the flip and catch at ULASC. 😂😂

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update.. I made the jump from limited minor to limited major.. and now shooting on the move every chance I can - trying to never come full set.

now the footwork is the stage plan as defined by each target. knock on wood, but I think the added detail helps me lock in one plan.  the added footwork detail also seems to help me seem to flow from one array into another as the shooting never really stops.


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