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M3000 life expectancy


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It is a popular gun. The thread below has a good bit of info. Recoil spring and extractors seem to be the 2 things that some people replace. Both can be substituted with factory benelli parts. Recoil springs are the part that a few people have mentioned failing, if you shoot a lot of slugs and high brass it may be worth keeping a spare or replacing it to start. $9 part. MOA precision offers a number of nice parts/upgrades and services for stoegers. 


In regards to 10k rounds, the thread below was started in 2013. It is a great gun but a price point gun. The majority of guys who run 10k rounds in less than five years are probably running M2s etc. As a casual shooter who has been running one for about 4 years and has probably about 2k+ rounds, it has been a great gun that has run bulk federal and winchester from walmart with only 1 miss fire and 1 jam. The jam was most likely my fault.



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