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STI Steel Master with PT Grip


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Wasssup guys. Just scored a sweet deal on an STI Steel Master. I was looking to get one for the local club non uspsa matches and steel matches and also for 3 gun open division. A local guy contacted me and offered me one for 1200$ that has only 3k rounds and has been tuned by the illustrious Eddie Garcia. Also came sporting an RTS2 and with one 140mag with grahams guts and dawson follower. so i am pretty happy with it.


My question is this, i have am extra PT grip laying around from when I upgraded to the PT EVO and was thinking about putting on this gun.  I am not shooting steel challenge with it, it will only be for 3 gun and uspsa style and tuesday night steel matches. What is everyones thoughts on doing this? thanks for any and all input


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yeah a local guy had this one with 3k and he had a brand new one for 1800. i chose the 3k with eddie garcias magic paws having worked on it. and 600$ cheaper. i like these more than the dvc steel too. 


thanks for the advice. i think i am gonna toss it on and see how it works since my friend has one without grip adn i can side by side comparison. just wondering if anyone has ever done it. 

Also i have 2 open guns i supercomp so this will most likely never get used in uspsa and i wont try major loads through it


Side question, anyone have experice loading cfe pistol in minor open? thanks again again

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