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Every notification twice

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56 minutes ago, benos said:

IP is asking me about the above. 


I asked about it earlier, but no one replied.


I need a "for certain" reply, or replies on this, before we can proceed.


Brian, if this was for me, I am not a tapatalk user. Reading the notification emails line for line side by side they are the same no metion of tapatalk and they are from the same address. On my mobile device, I do have a banner that pops up occasionally like an ad asking if I want to download tapatalk. I have tried cancelling this banner and it makes no difference.

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2 hours ago, benos said:

RevolverJockey... my man at IP said to forward two duplicate emails to: mstridgen@invisionpower.com


I don't know if that is clear... You have two emails that appear to be duplicates. Send each one of them to that address. 


Two emails forwarded. Both say they are from noreply@invisioncloudcommunity.com


hope this helps.

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My man at IP said:

"Hello,  Marc said he has not seen any emails, and looking at that topic, it seems there is some confusion, they would not be sent to marc by the system, your users would have to forward them."


So, please forward two duplicate emails to: mstridgen@invisionpower.com


And let me know when that is done.

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I've just resent the two I sent on 9/22 as well as a duplicate from this evening.


In all cases, the email address was just as you listed in you forum post: mstridgen@invisionpower.com

They came from my forum registered email address.


Someone isn't really paying attention...

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I wonder if it could have something to do with people posting using Tapatalk? Is that even a thing? Recently I have gotten the occasional new thread that doesn't double, nearly everything new thread from the classifieds doubles and no quotes or followed threads double. 


I don't want anyone to spend a lot of time on this as it isn't hard to delete, I was just wondering if I was the only one somehow. 


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IP is getting serious ... Tier 3 is involved...


Hi Brian,

I have added some logging. Can you please let me know the next time you receive a report of this and include the type of email that was sent, and the user it was sent too.

Ryan Ashbrook - Tier III Support


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On 9/27/2017 at 8:22 AM, Scootertheshooter said:

For notifications it's fine. It's just the emails that are duplicates .


Is this correct... By notification... that is a notification that is in the browser? If that is correct... You get one notification in the browser for a particular topic, but you got 2 email notifications for that topic?

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