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How do you track your progress?

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On 8/10/2018 at 8:45 AM, SCTaylor said:


No offense, but if you do mot know how you reduced the time, it's really tough to keep getting better.


As I said before, logging times on standard drills (from training books or classifiers) allows you to drill down on what needs fixin', what is the biggest gap at that time period, and how to attack them. Start tracking that data to make true progress.


One other tool is video. For example one might think one is going fast between arrays leaving fast etc., and then watching the video one realizes that while one gets to the position fast, then one pauses way too long at the target for that first shot. Ask me how I know ;) .

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Start a thread on Training Techniques for a range diary.  It's a good way to blog and document matches, post videos and dry fire sessions.

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