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Bought a Gold Custom Eric 2007 in 38 Super - Extractor Tuning?


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I just bought a Gold Custom for my first foray into the Open division of USPSA. I've been reading that the extractor my have trouble with the rimless "super comp" brass that I bought. I've read Henning's tuning page, however Eric G says "I actually use the rimless brass from Armscor which fits perfectly the Tanfoglio with a 9mm extractor powered with a Wolff extra power extractor spring". Has anyone tried this option over removing metal?

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We sell quite a few of the extra power Wolff spring and it's an OK option. It'll create a much heavier spring tension onto the case, but the extractor won't go in any further.

What I like about tuning the extractor is that it's a softer grab on the case/rim with the lighter factory spring.

I'll still be tuning the extractors on my own guns.

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