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large rifle primers, 650 loading

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I have loaded on Dillon's for 15 years but never large rifle primers (.308). I noticed that only 87 primers fit in the pickup tube to load the press? Is this common?

silly question but I'm just making sure I don't have a problem.


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Welcome to the Forums. This is Brian's Forums. No questions are silly. Maybe some of the answers. :devil: I'd try a different tube. A CCI small rifle primer has a cup height of .109". The CCI large rifle primer is .118. 13 large rifle primers would equal a difference in primer tube height of .117". I know 100 small rifle primers fit. I can't see that .1" would be enough to overflow the tube. That's about 2.5 mm. See chart post-22108-0-59329700-1452108023_thumb.p

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