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When to change recoil spring, main spring Tactical Sport


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I have shot over 14,000 rounds thru my CZ TS -9mm ,and have not replaced anything as it just keeps running with no issues,Any thoughts to when to replace recoil spring main spring and what happens showing a spring needs replaced, not looking for just change Springs anyway answers, want cause and effect answers, Thank you.

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Generally, two schools of though on recoil spring: 1) change after a fixed number of rounds, or 2) wait until there is a problem and then change. I prefer the first. If you've gotten 14k rnds on the one installed now, it probably needs changing. Also, the replacement may not last as long.

Extractor and slide stop. My experience is both will eventually break and they don't break at anywhere close to the a fixed time. The extractor will last longer than the slide stop. If you have 20k rnds on a slide stop and are going to shoot a major match, replace for the match and go back to old one and use until it breaks. Extractors for me have lasted >27k rnds on average. Ditto for major match in extractor is close to 25-30k.

Trigger return springs also falls in the the same category as extractor and slide spot. However don't have my maintenance records with me so not certain on pulls before breaking a TRS. Also, dry fire is the same as shooting the pistol re this part.


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