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Greetings from Texas!


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Hi, all.

I'm not a competitor (yet), but I have been reloading a few years. Not as much as I'd like, but a few thousand loads. I'm a Glock guy. Yeah, one of those guys. ;) I have a G19, G23, and G30. I've reloaded in 9mm and .40, but I'm just starting in .45.

​Background: I served in the Army back in the 80s with the 101st Airborne and I hunted a good bit when I was younger. I worked as a contractor (computers) at the Johnson Space Center for NASA for sixteen years and now I'm a full-time science fiction author. I need to make up my mind, I know. I think I'll stick with the job going forward. ;)

​I found this forum because I was drooling over some Dillon xl 650 posts. I'm using a Lee Classic Turret press and I'm happy for now, but I'll be growing. One day, maybe next Christmas.

I've been reading various threads for a bit and really enjoy learning from such a knowledgeable group of people. I got my hands on some Hi-Tek coated bullets from the Missouri Bullet Company, so I'll be heading off to ask some newbie questions that I couldn't find an answer for searching the forums.

I'm looking forward to being part of the community and sharing what I learn as I can to give back.

Thanks for having such an awesome place.


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