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Gary Stevens

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The Area 8 match had a couple of opportunities to shoot my 1911 9mm to slide lock and save a reload.

Not being unfamiliar with a slide lock reload this seemed to be a good idea.

Both times I tried it, I over drove the mag catch causing a fairly major malfunction.

Very strange since I had pulled this off without issue numerous times before. Just couldn't understand it.

Today I decided to get some of the Virginia dirt out of my Dawson 10 round magazines, and there it was.

Three of my mags have a base pad with a very short over insertion tab. Must be made for a different mag well.

Now wouldn't you know those would be the mags I would randomly use for my high speed low drag slide lock reload.

What really ticks me off those two malfunctions knocked me out of 17th place, maybe even 16th!!!

Will be ordering three new base pads Monday morning.

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