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Redding Competition die sets for 9mm, .45ACP, and .223?

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Ordered a Dillon 1050 for .308 the other day and now I need a set of 9mm, .45ACP, and .223 dies. Found a local reloading shop today and asked them about different die sets. Was recommended to go with Redding and that their competition die sets and micro-adjustable crimp dies were the best. Would you guys recommend the competition die sets for all 3 calibers? Crimp dies recommended? And what powder measure/die do you suggest pairing them with?

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I load with a 550B and love my Redding competition seater dies. I have them for 9mm, 45acp and .223 I do not like the Redding size/deprime die. It would not reliable feed 9mm brass. If the case was slightly misalgnied it would not feed. Not sure you would see the same thing on a 1050. The Dillion sizer die always feeds reliably. I recommend getting the Dillion die sets and the Redding competition seater die and sell the Dillion seater dies in the Enos classfieds. I think I got $15-$20 for mine. Good Luck

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No doubt Redding makes good stuff but...

I use Hornady dies with no issues in 9mm, 45, 223, 300 BO, and 308. I like Hornady seating dies as the movable sleeve does a nice job guiding the bullet in and allows me to get my fingers out of the way sooner so I can pick up the next bullet sooner. I could add the micrometer to my seating die but I dont feel it necessary as any ammo I load for rifle will generally shoot about 1" groups.

The only real reason I could see stepping up to a high end rifle seating die is if I was into benchrest shooting. For pistol I feel its a waste.

A Lee FCD will do just as nice a job for crimping for alot less cash.

Hell, a set of Lee dies is more than adequate for most people. I bought Hornady because I can get them locally, have a Hornady press, and I like free bullets.

But hey, its your cash.

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