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  1. Just curious since I'm also interested in buying a 550. What made you decide to do your 223 > 300 blackout conversions on the 550 instead of the 1050?
  2. Does Dillon offer caliber conversions or die sets for 300 blackout? I'm interested in getting a 300blk rifle soon, but I'm not too familiar with the round yet.
  3. Been trying to convert .45ACP on my Dillon 1050 that was set for .308 originally. Thought I got everything set up well and then loaded a few primers in... and tons of resistance and crushed primers result. Thankfully none of the ~3 primers blew up. Any advice?
  4. Berrys doesn't seem to provide a recommended OAL for their 147gr RN bullets. Without adjusting any of my factory set Dillon 9mm dies, my 1050 is producing ammo around 1.160" in length. Is that an acceptable OAL? (Would hate to have to pull all the ammo I foolishly loaded)
  5. Have 2 1050s ordered with 2 MrBulletFeeders along with a single stage press. Wondering how much space is recommended in between presses. I'm hoping to only have to drill one set of holes.
  6. Uhh... I think I'd rather have 4 1050s with Autodrives then haha.
  7. Well damn, how much is a Camdex press? I just ordered 2 1050s and 2 MBFs. Wondering if I'm gonna regret not getting a Camdex now lol
  8. Soooo just curious... why aren't there 556 reloading dies and load recommendations?
  9. How high did you guys make your benches?
  10. That is a good point. If you could give me the heights for the handle in both the up and down position, I'd be extremely grateful.
  11. Uhh middle position then for an average? Haha. How much adjustment is there in its height? Just want to get started making my reloading bench this weekend while the 1050 is being ordered.
  12. Read this http://www.brianenos.com/pages/dillonfaqs.html#bench But doesn't have any height information for the 1050. Can any of you fellas with a 1050 tell me how high up the handle is at rest position? Would be much appreciated!
  13. Lol... gave Dillon a call about this press a few days ago. The guy who answered was clueless about how it worked. I didn't get any of my questions answered lol
  14. Looks just like the two I have in my reloading room. Oh wait, it is. Do you have to do any fiddling on them to get Magnum Rifle primers to work? Or once you set it for large primers, it's good to go for Magnum rifle primers too? And do you just not like using the plastic top cover for some reason?
  15. If I have to load magnum rifle primers, wouldn't I still have to adjust the large primer stuff on the RF100 anyways? So would it really save me any time? I had no idea that changing primer sizes on a 1050 is easier than changing the primer sizes for the RF100. That's actually a little worrisome to me haha. And I'll be using a separate Giraud trimmer for all my brass. Using those SureLoc rings, wouldn't the die swaps take about as much time as swapping out the 1050 toolhead? And still give the same die settings so I wouldn't have to adjust anything?
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