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Last Year Prostate Cancer; this year Hiatal Hernia

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So last year I missed out on competing and general shooting for nearly 4 months due to treatment and side-effects for my prostate cancer.

This year will be the year I thought....just some tendonitis.

Then in Feb I started having some GI problems which included pain after bending over (to pick up brass :sick:)​.

Between the pain and the tests I didn't get much shooting or competition in and my surgery for a hiatal surgery repair was scheduled for mid-August.

Then in late July had to go to ER due to unbelievable pain. Long story short, spent a week in the hospital and they moved my surgery up and it's over with. Lost nearly 40 lbs. (guess I had plenty of reserves :blush:) and now am in week 4 of recovery having finally gotten to soft foods instead of liquids. Still can't sleep and have to lie in bed elevated for nausea. For now at least I'm so beat I can barely do the walking I need for exercise and haven't even been up to dry firing.

So at my post-op asked the surgeon about activities such as shooting. They weren't real specific but said I could probably do some moderate shooting in about 6 weeks but nothing intensive for at least 3 months!

On top of which I'm not supposed to lift or carry anything over 8 lbs. for 6 weeks and then nothing over 15 lbs. for an additional 6-8 weeks and then nothing over 35 lbs. forever if I want to minimize the risk of needing another surgery....they put that risk 0 if I'm careful - at 20-30%. I'm also supposed to minimize bending over for 6 weeks and to not lift anything while bent over.

Which means that anytime I receive reloading supplies I'll need someone else to get it into my reloading area and unbox/separate it into manageable portions. Worst than that, I'm severely limited into how much I can carry at the range - whether in my range bag, on my body, etc. I'm also going to need to have my better half or son come over to reorganize my ammo storage as those 50cal cans get quite heavy when fully loaded.

I'm also going to need to get a foldable range cart that weighs well under 35 lbs. and is easy to push to haul my bag, ammo, steel targets (those that are within my new weight limit at least), etc.. around. If anyone has a good recommendation for one that will hold up to a lot of gear, is easy to pull (range I use is gravel) and can haul a bit I'd appreciate it...I'll also be searching the forum for ideas.

Thanks for letting me rave....just hoping that nothing else breaks in my body for a while so that I can at least shoot regularly for a year or so uninterrupted.

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i had the same restrictions a couple of years back after surgery

i have this cart: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/folding-wagon/prod3080161.ip?navAction=&pid=_Aff_LS&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-xtRQw6hs8kysDbzHp8lK8A

it's lite, so easy to get in out of the car. worst thing is the tires are a little small, but it will got through gravel ok, not great


good luck.. the time passes faster than you'd think

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