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Big thanks to George, Bartlein and Glen for new barrel and brake


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After a set back, the barrel on my 6.5 Creedmoor was ready to be replaced. I went with a med palma contour to replace the MTU that was on there. Have never used a med palma but know many that did so I figured I would try it out. Went with a Bartlein 27" 8 twist med palma contour with the standard 6.5 Creedmoor chamber. Also thanks to Bartlein.

Also figured I might as well put a brake on there too so contacted Glen Seekins and asked about their ATC brake on a bolt gun as i had one on my Seekins 3 gun rifle and it worked very well. Glen said they work just as good on a bolt gun so I got one to put on.

Received the rifle on Tuesday and gave it a good cleaning and mounted the Vortex PST FFP 6-24x50 with 2C reticle that I had posted about in the Optics section. Figured I would kill two birds with one stone and test out the PST as well. Yesterday I grabbed 30 rounds of factory 140 AMAX ammo and hit the range. Scope worked well and the adjustments made on the knobs to match what I was reading in the reticle during zeroing was right on. Shot out to 400 yards and the scope was nice and clear and tracked with data needed.

The rifle shot great as I would expect from any GAP rifle I have owned. I was very happy with the first 30 rounds. I got close to zero on a larger target and then went to the target below. Center was first with two shots left of diamond, a .1 mil adjustment right and then another .1 mil shot and the two shots at the top grey circle. Then I shot three on the left target and the last two were hold overs on 400 yard steel. Last ten shots of the day where on the right target with the top being on 24x and then to 12x on the bottom to test if there was any shift in POI with power change. Threw a dime on the paper for size comparison. I expect those groups to shrink up some with another 50-100 rounds down the barrel as I have seen in past rifles.

When I got the rifle home I cleaned it again and there was very little copper fouling so typical Bartlein quality barrel.

All in all I am very happy with the set up now. Lost about 3 pounds of weight on the rifle from the contour change and the brake makes it a pleasure to shoot. The brake works just as good as it did on my .223. So thanks again George and the crew at GAP, Bartlein barrels and Glen and his crew at Seekins Precision.


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I like your brake. Just to look at it, the design makes sense. I'm shooting a Kahntrol now and I like it a lot. Shot a match with them at Bangsteel, and I talked to them for a while after the match. They gave me their sales pitch, and what they were saying made sense, so I gave one a try. I am very happy with how much it cut recoil, works very good. Was having fun at Peacemaker last weekend as people were putting their back packs between us to block the blast. If you have that much gas going sideways, you know that thing is working. Check them out a stoprecoil.com


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Got back out the other day and stretched the three lots of factory 140 AMAX out to 300 and 400 yards which is the farthest I have. I was happy with the results of the #292 and #799 at 300 so I ran them at 400 and they did well at about 1.75" and 2.25" respectively.



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