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What can I do to strengthen my Witness compact 10mm


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I recently purchased a Witness compact in 10mm and I just love this little gun. It's accurate and reliable, but it's also undersprung from the factory. I want to be able to shoot full power 10mm ammo without worrying about damaging the gun, but nobody makes aftermarket recoil springs for the compact. What are my options?

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I couldn't find recoil springs strong enough for my 10 mm Witness Hunter, so I had some custom made. They were pricey but practically eliminated the battering that occurred with the factory springs. There are a number of places that will do the work - I easily found a dozen with a Google search. I can't remember with certainty which one I used after 5 years, but I think it was McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/#compression-springs/=wi7ykz). You'll have to supply the dimensions for the spring. Be aware that ther's a maximum diameter you can use - too big and you won't be able to assemble the pistol.

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