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Nobel Sport Powder


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I noticed that Graf and Son's and Powder Valley are Stocking the Nobel Sport Vectan line of powders .


I load mostly for 45 ACP major and 9mm and 40 SW for IDPA so it looks like my best choices are going to be BA10, BA 9.5 , and BA9 with BA9 being the slowest burning and BA10 being probably too fast for 45acp. I would like to tinker with some but right now for the first time in three years I'm pretty well stocked on powder and may wait to here the experience of other shooters before I jump in and try the Nobel powders for pistol. I was hoping someone here might have some experience that they could share with me ?


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Ba10 is close to Bullseye.. It is very noticeable. It has pink, and purple colors.

Shoots very soft, and meters very well..Good powder. I shot 3.8 in 45, and it was very manageable, and I am sure could go higher, but that is a nice soft load.

A!, AO, AS are square powders, they meter fine, and I have had good accuracy in all the clibers I have used it.

If I had to pick the one that is the most versatile, it would be the A1. I seem to get better accuracy with this powder than the others.

I would try the others, but they were out of stock, seems like the Ba9 would be a nice powder.

They are all good powders, and well worth the money.

I shoot for fun, and accuracy, I have no idea about power factor.

Not a dirty powder, By all means buy some, and try. I have a few more lbs coming, but I have enough Bullseye to last a lifetime, and just wanted to see how they compare

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Ran some 45's over the chrono today, all out of my 4" 625. First data is Clays, 4.0 under a 200gr. cast RN, S&B lpp, 1.25" OAL

both strings started as 12 shots, but had a few error readings.


Nobel Vectan BA-10, 3.8gr, all other data same as Clays


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