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Ok, got to ask


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So what advantage other than price and that first DA shot would a P320 have over a P226?

I'm pretty new to the Sig Platform. Bought the daughter a Carry size P320a couple months ago and put around 400 rounds through it before I gave it to her. :) Hands down the best polymer frame gun out of the box I have fired. Like it even better than the M&P 9L with Apex trigger kit in it.

And recently picked up a great all stainless P226 with a Gray Guns trigger job. ( Big thanks to that individual ) Forgetting about price and modularity the only advantage I can see is not having a DA trigger on the first shot.

I'm I missing something ???

That being said I should have my new full size P320 9mm soon. :)

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Since price is an obvious difference (especially since the 226 went to GGI already), I'm assuming you mean what would be the competitive advantage of you stealing your daughter's 320 vs using the 226. ;)

Weight is a big difference. The 226 is all stainless, so it will soak up recoil nicely, but it will be more work in the transitions. If it were a stock 226, I'd say another difference would be the trigger reset distance. Assuming your 226 has their competition action job, the reset has been shortened quite a bit.

The last polymer framed gun I had (.40 HK USP) exhibited a noticeable difference in felt recoil as the mag was emptied. With less weight in the grip, I noticed the slide motion more. I don't really know if that's true for the 320 since I have only shot one mag through a friend's gun. Even if it exhibits the same thing, with the aftermarket guiderods that let you use 1911 springs, you might be able to lessen the feeling.

The last thing would be grips. With the 320, you can custom texture the grip (within Division restrictions) to your liking. With the 226, you have options of replacement grip panels in factory plastic, rubber, aluminum, and G-10.

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The E2 grips on the 226 were a way to address different hand sizes, but not every 226 has this option, but it can be added later. The x5 series and Elite series are all stainless, so the weight does help. But, as noted, it's harder to drive the gun in transitions and prevent overswinging. Some of the big advantages are the same trigger pull, every time. I've been shooting DA/SA guns for about 20+ years and I'm use to it, but having a SA or striker system is a bit different (some find it advantageous). The gun, with a 1911 FAT guide rod and appropriate spring, shoots much flatter than my 226 or my 226x5ar.

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Thanks for the replys.

My stainless 226 has a very short reset and a fat stainless guide rod. It is a heavy gun for sure. But shooting Single Stack at the moment so my 1911 and 226 weight almost the same.

ClayK, interesting your 320 shoots flatter. Wonder why that is? I will admit the stock 320 Carry version shot very flat. But still had a little more felt recoil than the heavy 226. I would have thought it would have been more.

I've already ordered a Fat guide rod for my full size P320. (When ever it shows up) Can't wait to do a side by side comparison now for sure.

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