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Barrel velocity comparison


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I am unsure if this kind of data has already been compiled at this point. Intermittently through the threads we discuss velocity for a given barrel length with XXX ammunition. I am interested in compiling this data. While I shoot mostly reloaded ammunition, I am most interested in only factory ammunition as there are simply many variables with reloads for comparing velocity. I suppose if I had a choice, we would all shoot Federal M/XM193 with a 55 FMJBT loaded at 5.56 pressures as I think its one of the more popular and available out there.

Please list:

Barrel make, model and length and any notes about the barrel such as "New" or "well worn / old"

Ammunition type with bullet type and weight

velocity and temperature


18" Daniel Defense STW, well worn

Federal M193 55g FMJBT (5.56)

3100 FPS 75 F

Thanks for your support. I expect that this will provide us some statistical evidence on velocity performance by barrel manufacturer, length and special coatings or options.

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JP CTR-02 18" light contour 1/8, fairly new

Aguila 55gr FMJ

3130 avg 75*F

Colt R6700C Hbar 1/9 not chrome lined, well used

Aguila 55gr FMJ

3055 avg 75*F

Rock River Arms 10.5" 1/7, new

Aguila 55gr FMJ

2621 avg 75*F

All of the above were chronoed the same day, back to back.

JP CTR-02 18" light contour 1/8

PMC 55gr

2730 avg 88*F


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