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Canadian IPSC Family relocating to Alabama (chapter 2)c


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Well, to pick up from the other post, things are changing and looks like Alabama will be the offer. So will amend the other post and ask the same of Alabama. I will be working toward my permanent residency, but want to bring our guns and not miss too much of a step competing wise.

So, same "post".........

Well, my walking papers are coming. A good thing business wise, but creates a whole list of new questions and things to look into.

Getting my wife's and my SVI's down to Alabama under work permits, may be a challenge.

So a couple quick questions for those of you in the know......

What would be the good clubs to look at near Athens/Huntsville? USPSA/IPSC matches and training only (pistols) really what we are into.

Anyone have a good source on firearm import (and subsequent use, travel, and ownership) of non-citizens under valid work permits (moving to permanent residency in the future)? Looks like we may be here for the remainder of career.

What are the laws for non-citizens (no green cards yet)? Possibility of range on property (what are the requirements, limits, etc.)?

Appreciate any help.....and I do mean this as you all have been very helpful in the last post. In Orlando right now on a flight delay coming back from the Florida Open (wife and I shot open division for the first time/heck of it, and as we are restricted to 10 rounds in Canada, had a great time w 28 round big sticks!)


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If you can't legally import your guns to own before getting permanent residence perhaps you could sell them to a friend you trust down here and "borrow" them for matches etc. I'm a permanent resident from Canada but didn't shoot there and now am reveling in the Gunshine State of Florida. I'm not sure what the possession laws are but I know tourists can shoot at ranges legally.

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I'm wondering out loud here....

I'd ask a pointed question. Can you transport your guns on an existing Form 6 NIA after you officially enter the US on a work visa?
My suspicion is that even if you can do that, you're going to hit a wall at some point after entry and before you get your green card.

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I basically have 3 issues:

1) Process and timing by which to be ABLE to possess/own firearms while working in Alabama under LIA work permit (wife will be under another permit as she's in the medical field).

ie, license? State application? Need to show residence for 3 months, etc.

2) Process to bring in pistols from Canada (my SV's and all non Chinese made) legally.

Export them while in Canada to US via FFL/Dealer?, Bring them down under Form 6 then apply? ETC.

3) The above proving correct, ability (legal as a non-citizen but all else legal) to shoot on own property (say I buy 10 acres and create a back burm to set up steel rack, etc.)?

As you can see, these are very important to us. A few folks are saying why let shooting competitively get in the way of my career......while I tend to think I really don't want my career advancement to get in the way of our shooting, more or less.....

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