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Para Ordnace SSP 45 caliber spring????


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what does SSP stand for? I must be out of touch with Para's products... Anyway, for normal use in a 5 in. Para .45, the 17-18 lb recoil springs are the most common. My old Para 14-45 came with a 17lb from the factory.


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Replacement springs are sort of an individual decision. I put in a 12# IMSI with a CP shock buff and changed the main spring to a 17# Wolffe.

I'm guessing the SSP is Stainless Steel Practical. I have a SS Limited that was discontinued because Para wanted to go with the new extractor exclusively. The feed ramp needed some serious polishing to feed anything other than hardball.

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When I measured my recoil spring spring in my Para, it was 17lbs. I have switched to a 12lb spring and a Cominolli tungsten guide rod with shock buffs. This weekend I believe I will put the factory guide rod back in and perform some timing drills. Then do some standards and see how the times compare. Hope this helps


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