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Looking for an accurate airsoft barrel


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I am starting to upgrade my WE Hi-Capa 5.1. I am looking for maximum accuracy, not distance or power. Can someone recommend a good barrel? Has anyone tried a non-hop up barrel? I have heard they are more accurate than barrels with hop-up. Given a barrel of the same diameter, does the brand even matter since it is little more than a smooth tube?



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My understanding of the "more accurate" aftermarket barrels is that the tolerances are tighter vs. the diameter of the BB.

Then you will have to buy higher quality BB's. To each his own but I think you are chasing something without a lot of reward. Accuracy is very good at close rang with any quality airsoft. You will not extend it by much by spending a lot of money.

To me this is a practice tool and I will not be doing any airsoft competition (yet)

I am working on my airsoft targets today. 4@ full scale 4@ 2/3 scale and 4@1/3 scale. I plan to place targets no closer than 5yds and no farther than 7.5yds . In this range accuracy is great and I can simulate longer shots.

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AFAIK most IPSC airsoft competitors use tight bore barrels with hop-up turned off. There is also a non-hop barrel by Nine Ball that is made specifically for competition, to be used at under 10 yards.

I'm still using my KP-05 Hi-Capa with the original barrel it came with, hop-up turned off, and 30g BBs that have a flat trajectory to about 6-8 yards. I get a 1" group in slow fire, which makes it OK for scaled targets. I may decide to upgrade the barrel at some point, just don't want to mess with something that's already quite good.

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