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44 RN Bullets


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Looking for any .44 caliber Round Nose bullets, was using Nationals and they jumped the price of Lead Bullets (.44 240 LRN) to $72/M! Shipping is extra!

At that price I might as well shoot Jacketed in my Revolver.

Or, Ghast!, may have to cast my own!

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It carries a cost in time but when the proper precautions are taken such as adequate ventilation and heat protection, casting you own, for me, is very relaxing, rewarding, and cheap.

Whether it's tire weights or range lead, the price is real low, even free once your initial investment in melter and molds are made. If you watch Ebay, a melter can be had for less than $50 and molds for about $10.



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Have all of the necessary stuff, except .44 molds. Cast a few thousand in the past. Just seems I have trouble making the time to load, let alone cast. Actually, thought of going the Corbin route, just hate to spend the money and still not be willing to spend the time.

May just have to break down and get a .45 Rotary thing, and keep the .44 M29 for a spare. Heck, the better half even "TOLD" me to buy one.

Bet I sound like the guy who falls off of a roof into a bed of roses, then complains that he's allergic to roses.

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It's not a true "round nose" but look under the "cowboy" bullets from many bullet makers and they will list a RNFP (round nose flat point).

Berrys has hard cast lead .44 RNFP 200 gr. bullets at $67.49/K shipped.

You can check them out at http://www.berrysmfg.com/93.php

I haven't tried any of their cast bullets, but I like their plated stuff.

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