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Need help with TS


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Here's the scenario in Limited.. you plan to shoot 19 in a specific part of a stage. There is no obvious place to reload prior to 19. You miss a couple and the slide doesn't lock back.

To avoid this the options are:

1. don't miss - easier said than done

2. reload in a less than optimum position - safe, but loses time

3. maintain a running count of your misses - I find this hard, as I tend to shoot "subconsciously" during a stage

4. rack the slide any time you don't hear a bang

4. may be better than a slide lock reload, but I'm not sure....

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I file my slide stop or followers on my limited and open guns. Normally there should be a place to reload on the move without going to slide lock when you have 20+ rounds in a mag. With 8 shots from a shooting location you would reload after 16 rounds (2 locations ). If I think it will be close on a long course I would rather plan a 2nd reload somewhere and have the extra rounds for makeups if needed. And honestly I never count rounds. On the walk through I decide how I am going to shoot a course and decide which targets I will reload after shooting(usually when changing locations). Doing this I can't remember the last time that I have shot my gun dry or done a totally flat footed reload.

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