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glock 35 with 9mm conversion barrel or just buy a G34 (for club matche


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a while back i got a good deal on a G35 Gen 4 set up for limited, couldn't pass it up but life got in the way and never had time to shoot it. it has sat in the safe unfired for almost a year. fast forward to today finally getting back into shooting production, will be shooting club matches only. want to shoot 9mm as I have literally a ton of components already and a lone wold G35 9mm conversion barrel also gathering dust, don't want to get into .40 right now.


should i

1) keep the G35 which i already have and just run the 9mm conversion barrel on it for local matches, or

2) sell the G35, buy a G34.

I understand the G35 is not legal for production class with a 9mm barrel. all the matches i will be shooting are club or local matches where I can still participate and worst case my scores will simply not be reported. i am okay with that, i'm just trying to get back into the sport and get some practice.

perceived benefits of option 1 (keeping the G35) is i can (at some point) go ahead and shoot limited with it if i want (it's set up with dawson ice magwell, 4 arredondo mags). drawback(s) of option 1 are i may have to spend an excessive amount of time futzing around with it to get it to run properly, and the benefit of being able to shoot limited in .40 may be irrelevant if i never want to do it. the limited parts will just be more crap sitting on a shelf.

benefit of option 2 (sell it, buy a G34) is I'll have a good gun ready to go once i put sights and a trigger on it. downside is i have to go back to the well and sell of one thing to buy something else...

suspect the answer is that i should probably just liquidate the G35 and go with a proven performer, but felt like tossing this out there in case someone wants to post back "no, those conversion barrels are awesome and they always work super reliably with no changes to springs, ejector, extractor, etc.". So far, i've heard exactly no one say that but figured i'd ask.


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I used to own a Gen 3 Glock 35. Shot it in Prod and 3-gun with .40 minor loads. I also shot it in Limited with .40 major loads.

Then I got a 2011 in .40 and haven't looked back. Last year sold the Glock 35 to fund a Gen 4 Glock 34. .40 minor to 9mm of the same PF, I much prefer the 9mm.

The Glock 35 is a gateway drug to better things.

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I shoot a ton of 9mm's in my conversion barrel and a Glock 22(storm Lake). A have also gotten the Glock 35 and run a 9mm conversion for 3gun.(Lone wolf) reliability with this conversion is very good. I do not recall getting any failures. For matches I just load the 40 light and its a very pleasant round. A 175 grain ledn bullet loaded to 130PF is a very soft shooter in production.

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