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  1. title says it all - looking for recommendations for a good value OWB practice holster compatible with UBL, caveat is i'm looking to fit a G19 with olight PL2 mini? goto would have been bladetech doesn't look like they support the olight. Only one i've found is from a company called werkz: https://werkz.com/index.php/light-bearing-holsters/m7-holsters-owb-with-standard-attachment-pattern.html?find=glock-g19-gen5-olight-pl-mini-valkyrie-2-29529&sid=XZdEJBFyVz not familiar with them so appreciate any feedback anyone may have on their stuff (or recommendations on alte
  2. speedcross 5 for the win! i've never owned a more comfortable pair of shoes.soles are plenty aggressive for grass and loose surfaces but are still reasonably comfortable walking on flat surfaces (parking lot, etc.)
  3. jaredr

    new shoes

    right foot's been bothering me for a while, chalked it up to getting old... in an unrelated thread, my trusty lowas were finally worn out and soles separating so i (very begrudglingy) spent some $$ on a new pair of Solomon speedcross 5's. Holy cr@p these things are insanely comfortable, all of a sudden the constant ache in the ball of my right foot is not so bad anymore... who would have thought i feel a lot like when i remember to take a .22 to the range - what a great idea, how come i didn't think of this before / do this more often. i'm putting a recurring nag in t
  4. inspection camera is such a great idea. i am kicking myself for not thinking about it sooner...
  5. suadero burrito with scrambled eggs for breakfast! Me: "this is the happiest day of my life!" shooting partner: "but don't you have kids, what about when they were bor-" Me: "HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!" 0
  6. man this place is a wellspring of good info, thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, much appreciated
  7. future for me seems clear via Imgflip Meme Generator
  8. dragged out the beat-up parts gun i'd put together a million years ago with a hahn block and a regular blowback 9mm upper. remembered just how much fun this thing could be doing carbine drills at 50 yds and under - way cheaper than 5.56, can shoot on plentiful mild steel targets and can put steel close(r) up without having to worry about centerfire rifle frag. it was sunny days with cottonball clouds and an an impossibly blue sky... then i immediately got home and started making a list of the crap i needed to upgrade on my blaster. near top of the list was a better tri
  9. truth. there is a part of me that keeps thinking a primary arms would be "almost as good". And then i think of all the cr@ppy simmons .22 scopes i simply threw out when i finally got tired of bad glass...
  10. pondering a copperhead as my next splurge for no good reason, tagging this to see how the story ends
  11. bummer and thanks for the reply. I was hoping you'd say something like "not bright enough to replace an aimpoint T1 / trijocon MRO so save your $$$ and don't be tempted..."
  12. can anyone running FFP razor HD's share your opinion of red dot brightness on 1x?
  13. long-time recreational shooter but never a diligent competitor, best i ever got was a b class way back when. my eyes are going a bit so borrowed a slide-mounted RMR from a friend, discovered it made life way easier. definitely a learning curve picking up the dot on presentation but motivated for the first time in a long while to keep a regular dry-fire regimen and presentation improved steadily. returned my loaner carry-optics pistol and sent my own off to be milled. in the interim, went back to irons. bummed to find that they were not quite so easy as the dot but promp
  14. jaredr

    .380 ACP

    just when you get a good steady pace going reloading 9mm a fricking unwanted, unloved, undersized and generally useless .380 worms its way into the mix like that creepy guy who invites himself over on the weekend when he overhears other folks talking at work on a friday afternoon. best case, (when you realize that resizing operation just got waaaay too easy) everything has to stop while you remove the shell plate tab and pull the case out of station 1. worst case, you figure it out when the unwanted little bastard makes it all the way past the powder drop then gets pu
  15. don't ask what happened to mine i'm sure it's somewhere underneath/behind the reloading bench, currently weighted down with 800 lbs of projectiles... anyway, i can turn one the lathe faster/cheaper than ordering a replacement, can anyone mike their roller bearing for me and let me know how big the outside diameter is? Thanks in advance!
  16. Congrats! I'm a huge fan of anything that is paid off and runs reliably.
  17. need to pick up a pair of FRS/GMRS walkie talkies (will send away for the FCC cert to use GMRS freqs). Intended function is keeping in touch while hiking or trail riding. distance will likely not be more than 1 mile at most, but may be up in the mountains (or what passes for them in the southeast) so may not have great line of sight at times. looking for something simple and easy to use (will be giving these to kids on occasion, don't want something that can't be explained to a reasonably intelligent individual in 5 min or less). was looking at a pair of motorola MT350R's. acknowledge the r
  18. ahh, bummer to hear that these's aren't 100% for blackout brass forming - that's where I was really hoping they'd help out. So far I'm just using them for 5.56 (want to get through my 5.56 case processing before switching toolheads) and they're doing fine for that but as you mentioned, that's really just light trimming compared to carving off .4" of case neck. Oh well, was worth a shot. I'll give them a try on blackout forming just because I feel obligated to pee on the electric fence myself, but at least my expectations are already managed about chances for success. thx for the heads up.
  19. set up the brass prep toolhead and tested out the MSC cutter, works perfectly. Notar - are you making 300 blackout for yourself or selling them commercially?
  20. pediatric dental visit(s) burned up a lot of shop time this week so haven't had a chance to set up the .223 brass prep toolhead. should have an answer next week, will post back.
  21. hi guys, the correct replacement part appears to be MSC part # 78232089 They're $8.70 each in qty less than 10 from MSC, maybe not such a huge savings if you're just trimming .223 but if you're cutting down cases as part of a wildcat forming operation than you'll go through cutters more frequently. I've just got a few in, they install properly in the rt1200 toolholder but I haven't had a chance to try them out. will post back and confirm whether they work. BTW - shadowride, this part has an 11 degree lead so there's actually a "front" and "back" side to it so for better or worse you only ha
  22. hey, thanks alamo. I was was just wondering if someone had a spec on the part for ordering it from someplace like J&L or MSC. I'll just take mine off the toolhead and measure the cutter - pretty sure it was 1/4 w/chip grooves on each side but shouldn't be too hard to ID for size and thickness. I don't begrudge Mike Dillon a living, but these things are like $5-$6 each from a tool supply company (even for a US-made part), and I'd like to lay in a 1/2 dozen or so just to have spares. <--$5.97 from MSC
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