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Lightened Firing Pin Springs


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If you're debating whether or not it's worth lightening your FP spring to "lighten the trigger".

I'll give my .02cent. For what little it's worth.

I had 7 light primer strikes during this past weekend's shoot.

Obviously, hard primers won't work in your gun so if you have to use some one else's ammo or factory ammo this may happen to you.

Even if you know primer brand X will work. You've now relegated your firearm to one specific or a few specific types of ammo.

I did not notice a change in the trigger, but maybe because I'm a newbie. Changing over to a drop-in Vanek made the biggest change

I added at least 30 seconds to my time clearing the weapon and getting a procedural for not being able to complete the course of fire.

Any change in springs decreases the reliability of your firearm drastically. Chasing a few seconds or miliseconds at the risk of losing 30+ seconds...not a good gain IMHO.

YMMV. :goof:

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but a lightened firing pin spring should increase ignition not reduce it. think about it. the FP spring is putting pressure against the forward motion of the firing pin. reducing that pressure means the hammer blow will move the firing pin harder/further that it normally would with a heavier FP spring in there.

something else has gone wrong for you to be getting malfs. changing springs (hammer springs, recoil springs, fp springs even trigger springs) to tune the gun to your ammo and the matches you are shooting is a good idea and done properly and sensibly should not reduce reliability at all.

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The glock has a striker spring. The way it works is the gun pulls back the striker compressing the spring then releases it. Less spring pressure mean easier to compress it for lighter trigger but also less energy to strike with. It's not like a 1911 which has a firing pin spring which pushes the firing pin back and a main spring which applies the striking power

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