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Front Sight - SDM or Hi-Viz???


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I have used the SDM for about a year on my 646. I ordered the wrong one, the .250, and would advise measuring the factory sight before ordering. I think it will be the .300 that you will need. The sight will need to be placed in your gun and marked, then removed and drilled for the pin. This is not a do-it-yourself job unless you have some experience and machine tools.

Two things that I like about this sight are the length of the light gathering rod, and the square, serrated surface at the rear of the sight. Negatives are the need for drilling, and the lack of replacement rods being provided.

I would order another one for a revolver if the need arose without hesitation.

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Thanks for the input.

The SDM web sight gives a 1.000" length for the sight. My stock 646 sight is about .710" long and the ramp is about .920" long.

Does the SDM hang over much on your gun?

Would you happen to have any pictures of it?

I am a retired Machinist, Tool & Die Maker, CAD?CAM Operator and CNC programmer so I shouldn't have too much problem with the installation.

I did this Delta Elite a few years back when I was building some 1911 carry guns for a local dealer's customers.



Thanks again


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I've used a number of the SDM front sights also and one of the HiViz, trashed that one for an SDM. If you have the "Classic" type spring loaded front sight it's that simple to pop out the old and with a little struggle pop in the new SDM, being an inch long I've had to tap a couple to get them in that final few whiskers.

The pinned type are actually easier IMO, but be carefull if you have to tap the sight

into the cutout, don't want to smack that glow rod with a hammer (been there, done that, too impatient)

I have also changed out the stock rear sight for a Millet, I think if you are using

the shortest SDM front you'll want the tallest Millet rear blade, at least that's what

I had to do on a 5inch 686 to get a decent 6 o'clock hold at 50 feet.

Good luck if you go this route, it's a great sight IMO and the only one that still

shows up indoors.


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The sight doesn't hang over on mine either, but it does go all the way to the declining portion of the rear of the ramp (rear hangover of .08 maybe at the top of the decline). I took a couple of pics, but they are not real clear. I will send them to you.

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