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Grips for small hands


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I use Miculek grips on most of my revolvers. Sometimes like in pin shoots I wish I had a smooth rubber grip like Miculeks but in rubber. Do they exist?

I would want them on some of my N-Frame revolvers. I also like the hogues that come with the N-frames but I hate the finger grooves! When I have my hand up high the grooves are just in the way. So, If anyone knows of any grips like Miculek's but in rubber I would appreciate your input.



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I also have pretty small hands.

To achieve what you describe I just took the Houges off and with a knife and grinder shaped the grip into what suited me. Works well for me.

The Hogues are also priced very low and it is not that costly to make a mistake.

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My Pac's fit perfect....right after I did violence to them via a belt sander. Hack away! You'll be happy you did.

Two reasons to never let me near your gun:


I nuked the goofy finger grooves and recontoured the backstrap to accommodate a high grip. A ton of material between the grip and the trigger guard got hogged out. I also removed the gigantic swell around the base of the grip. Yes, it's ugly as all get out, but boy does it fit me! Cost me all of $14.95 plus the electricity to vacuum the huge, black piles of dust up.


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