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Flat -vs- arched MSH


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I've got a few Springfield 1911's. For the point of this discussion, I'm comparing the Springfield "Mil Spec" .38 Super -vs- Springfield "Loaded" .40 S&W. Each have had the factory MSH replaced with a S&A MSH / magwell.

When I shoot the .38S (with any ammo, but ~130PF handloads in this example) I seem to shoot low / low-left about 80-90% of the time. If I'm REALLY careful and try really really hard, I can get it to shoot where I'm pointing it. It seems to be very sensitive to my grip and it SEEMED yesterday that if I concentrated on apply more pressure to the bottom of the MSH, it shot more toward the POA.

The Mil-Spec originally shipped with an arched MSH, and the "Loaded" shipped with a flat MSH.

The "loaded" doesn't seem to be NEARLY as grip-sensitive. Shooting ~170PF handloads, it tends to just shoot where I point it without nearly as much effort.

I also spent some time shooting my Browning BuckMark Micro Nickel and it's like a little laser-beam. I just THINK about hitting the target with it, and it just happens.

For example, on a 6" plate-rack at ~12yds, I can get 4.56s from the buzzer (which is good for me) or thereabouts every time but with the .38S ~130PF my best time was 9.98s and it's not uncommon for me to take a MINUTE with several reloads!

I didn't have the .40 S&W to compare times that day. For grins I shot it in 3.14s with my Ruger K10/22T. Under different circumstances I've shot the plate rack in ~6s with the .40 S&W, which might mean something, but not sure what.

So anyway, the question is, could the flat MSH be a factor in why I seem to have such a hard time hitting anything with the .38S?


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Might be as simple as the flat one fits your hand better.


It seems like they're both "the same" now that I've put S&A flat MSH / mag-wells on them.

It could be the something with the extended beavertail and "memory groove" on the "Loaded" grip-safety.

It just struck me as "odd" how much more difficult the .38S seems to be to shoot accurately than the .40 S&W.

It had me thinking maybe switching from the factory "arched" MSH to the flat MSH was more than cosmetic.


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Can you shoot a group with the Super and your reloads? If not, try and find an experienced shooter and let him try the super. If he can shoot a group with it, it isn't likely to be the gun or the ammo. Try and shoot a group using factory ammo --- if that works, it's not the gun.

Basically try to take the variables out of the equation....

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