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New Glock Open Blaster from NHO


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Very nice! (must have cost a small fortune) What finish is on the slide? I just recently put together my own "poor man's" Glock 35 open gun. Not as nice as your's by any means, but it is a GAS to shoot! :D I simply mounted an old Optima with a cheap ($7.00) plastic mount from CDNN, added a Storm Lake 6 port match barrel (dropped right in, no fitting), THE brass magwell and ex. mag button, and a stainless guide rod. 4 (+6) Arredondo basepads, and presto! My open Glock with 20 round mags! It runs great, is much more accurate, and the 6 port barrel makes a HUGE difference in shot to shot recovery. My next improvement will be a good trigger job. It looks as though you have the NHO Pro trigger job. How do you like it? And thanks for the great pics of your new blaster. B)


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Very cool.

Tell us more! 9 Major? Who did the work? What type of barrel, comp, slide, etc?

Also, do you feel that the Docter sight is a better solution than a frame mounted Cmore for Glocks?


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Tom Novak did the work on this gun.

Barrel is a KKM hybrid for Glock configured for 9x19 major.

Slide is a factory Glock slide (Hard Chromed) that had all the Glock markings milled off.

Comp is a 3 port comp from Tom Novak

SS Magazine Well from Tom Novak

For more info on Tom Novak click on the URL


Most of my open guns are configured with Docters. I have one 1911 with a Cmore and I am considering building another Glock Open with a Carver like mount and a Cmore sight.

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