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Advice from Grandpa


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My long-passed grandfather's birthday is coming up, and for me it is a time to reminisce. The long walks we used to take. The long drives, the special trips he would make to pick me up so I could spend weekends with him, and the advice he used to give! Much was wasted because I was young when he died. If he were alive today and sharing his pearls of wisdom, I'd be a better man.

Those gems were well and good, but the one I remember most, the jewel in the crown of grandfatherly advice, came when I was only 12. We were sitting in a park, watching children and their mothers enjoying a beautiful spring day. He told me that one day, I'd find a woman and start my own family. "And son," he said, "be sure you marry a woman with small hands."

"How come, Grandpa?" I asked.

"It makes your pecker look bigger."

...Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it ???

I miss you, Grandpa !!!

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I know a guy that used that same line of thinking to get out of dancing with this big old gal that came over to him at a bar...

...well...let me see your hands..


your hands...let me see your hands

[shows hands]

sorry...you hands are too big

what's that have to do with anything?


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