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Scope mount for 657


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I have this new to me 657 S&W that I plan on Deer hunting with, I have a good scope but am needing a mount.

Is the only one available the B-square? how well will it hold up to fairly Hot loads?

Any one else have an N - frame with a scope other than the B-square?

running out of time, have the 610 (4 inch) loaded with 10 MM for 50 yds and in(Iron sights I know .40 S&W would do but just in case I hit the shoulder) would be able to get 150 yds in several places with optics on the 657.

Thanks for the Info, ahead of time.

SAM / Hopalong

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I'm not that familiar with all of the aspects of hunting with the trusty Revo, but I have a couple of dots mounted on N frames. If memory serves I think the Revo being drilled and tapped makes a difference as to what mount will work. I think on the non drilled and tapped models the B-Square is one of the only options.

I have an Weigand and an EGW both are great and I can't tell any difference between the two.

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