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Stuck detent ball


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.... the good news is that for the sum of 17 bucks and shipping

the ball is unstuck...


the turret ring is at the bottom.

I am a Professional fix-it guy. you are in luck!

Yes I have been paid a few times....:-D

is the ball loose? will it move back and forth?

as opposed to stuck fast.

If I had to fix it because no parts are available...

I'd drill from the back side to the spring and detent ball

tap the drilled hole and put in a new spring

once I had the ball loose again.

got a 1/4-20 tap? with matching tap drill?


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ah what the heck.

one more whirl.

yeah, the cost of a the replacement part is to be kept in mind.

I re-read the first post and I am still thinking the spring is gone flakey

that does not rule out a stuck ball.

if you do not have a vibrator engraver

you can try to spin the ball with a sharpened nail.

Or.. lightly tap it with a hammer and punch to break it free...

the worst you can do is await the postman bringing your new part.


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